The Heat Wave is broken - not by storm and thunder - copious amounts of rain - but softly, by a gentle breath of wind from the North.  It's working its way South.

I went kind of "Gung Ho" when I first signed up with BookBub.  I started to collect books in my Kindle, free books, and pretty soon I had around 50 unread books for which I hadn't paid a dime.  I only responded to offers of Free books - the 99 cent and dollar 99 and two 99 and three 99 offers went unresponded to - I only went for free books.  And I was choosey - I didn't take EVERY free book - I read the synopsis for each book and based my decisions on that and reviews.

As of today, I have 60 unread books in my Kindle.  I need to catch up.

Last Wednesday, the 4th, I went out and did some picture taking.  The picture below was taken near the Old Shed which i have photographed before - and published here - and I am amazed I never noticed this little statue before.  I never saw this shot until last Wednesday - and it's been there all the time.  Which is why, I suppose, people will go back to the same spot time and time again, watch the same movie over and over or watch TV reruns.  To see something new in something old and familiar.

This shot is SOOC - Straight Out Of Camera


Tara R. said...

This shot is sweet and melancholy, and you framed it perfectly.

Emily/Randomability said...

Damnit Lou!! Another free Kindle book site? *sigh* suppose I better check it out.

Life with Kaishon said...

How exciting. I only buy books. Books of my blogger friends write. The other books I read are paper books. I read about 5 books a year any more. I just read the best book that made me cry and cry. House of Sand and Fog. I can't recommend it enough.