All Good Things ...

... must come to an end.  The Cubs are getting murdalized.  That's a word.  I said so.  That nice little winning streak is going by the boards.  Oh well.

... really mean a lot.  Like your kids.  Or your significant other you've spent the last 35 years with.  Or your 86 year old Mother that everybody calls "Grannie".  Because she's old.  Because she's everybody's grandmother.

... will come to those who wait.  Like money.  If you wait long enough.  And Love, if you're lucky.  And, best of all, wisdom - if you're smart enough and live long enough.  And if you're lucky.

... begin with Friendships.  The more you have the more you'll get.  Having friends is like keeping rabbits.  They'll multiply like crazy.  And when you have friends, every once in a while, extraordinary acts of kindness WILL happen (A paraphrased line borrowed from "As Good As It Gets", uttered by Helen Hunt).

... are the result of effort, courage and perseverance.  The Bad Stuff happens when you wimp out, don't fight through it or let it throw you.  When Life hands you lemons, you squeeze them fuckers dry.

... are what you deserve.  Believe it.  It's true.



Tara R. said...

Poor Cubbies...

Big Mark 243 said...

This was good stuff, Lou. And I have been squeezing the juice out of the fruit of my life for all I am worth!! (and judging by the amount in my pitcher, I am worth quite a lot!!)