Why the West, and not so the rest?

I have made it a habit to listen to TED talks on NPR whenever the opportunity presents itself.  In fact, they're available on the computer, as well, it's just that I have too much else to do with my 'non-work' time to listen to TED talks on the computer.  The only thing I'm able to do is catch as catch can while driving.

One of the most interesting TED talks I've heard, recently, is one given by Niall Ferguson, the British historian and author: "The Six Killer Apps of Prosperity".  In it, he discusses the reasons that The West, in his perception, has enjoyed prosperity and a high standard of living, while the rest of the world has not.  If you stop and think about it, the rest of the world lives better because of the inventiveness and the prosperity of The West.

Anyway, the TED talks are available online - www.ted.com.   Go there, do a search for Niall Ferguson and click on the link for "6 killer apps".  You will enjoy what he has to say.



Grandmother said...

I'm on an email announcement of the top four TED talks each week. They're a great resource.

Big Mark 243 said...

I will have to go back and watch that talk again. You Tube sends me the TED talks in my subscription and I have been watching them for the last few years...

PattiKen said...

I've been listening to TED for years. I love it.