A good day ...

... in sports.  Tiger won The Memorial for the fifth time.  Grannie is overjoyed.  She is certain that this will help Tiger's World Ranking.  She doesn't care about the Fedex points.  She doesn't care that with this win, Tiger ties Jack Nicklaus' record of 73 wins.  No.  She just wants her Tiger to get back to World Number One.

So for Grannie, it was a good day in sports.

Not so good for us Cubs fans.  Third loss in a row.  Pooey.

And I'm still stuck with the scooter problem.

But Grannie had a good day.  And that's enough.



Big Mark 243 said...

What I think is reverberating is HOW he won... in the fashion that made him famous, being a rock while everyone else is crumbling down the stretch, similar to the Miami Heat (oops, did I just say that??)