Golf ...

They say sports are a metaphor for Life - that the lessons learned in Sports will serve you in life and living going forward.

That said ...

I play golf.  Poorly, at best.  And the reason goes back to when I was a little boy and my Dad taught me how to swing a bat.  Right handed.  I write left handed.  I throw left handed.  I do everything left handed.  Except swing a bat or golf club.

I am so accustomed to swinging right handed that it's very, VERY uncomfortable for me to try to swing left handed.

Now.  The next thing you need to know is that my left side is my dominant side - so even though I swing righty, my left side is what drives the swing.  It's the side I FEEL.

That's bad for golf.

This is a realization that has come to me slowly.  But having made the realization, I have been, recently, concentrating on using my right side in my golf swing.  Slowly, my ball striking (golf ball, pervert) has improved.  I'm hitting everything farther and straighter.  The thing is, my scores haven't really improved much.

One of the keys to playing golf well is knowing how far you can hit each club - and I don't know anymore.

So I'm playing better, just not scoring better.

Where is the life lesson in that?



Big Mark 243 said...

Just as your swing and dominant hand are mismatched, your improved ball striking seems to have brought you an improved experience golfing. This makes your time spent golfing a contradiction to the description Mark Twain gave golf as "a good walk spoiled."