Wordless Wednesday

Our Untended Rose
Touched Lightly by GIMP!



PattiKen said...

Beautiful. But what's "gimp"? We used to make braided friendship bracelets out of plastic strips called gimp when we were kinds...

Grandmother said...

So beautiful, Lou! And I like Patti's mistake calling us kinds rather than kids. I remember gimp too.
p.s. the new WV is wicked! The two words are scrunched together and are indistinct enough to make it HARD! I've stopped commenting on your blog but don't want to.

Jordan Marie @ hottlt.com said...

Super pretty!!

Thanks for linking up!!


Jordan Marie @ hottlt.com said...

Gimp is an open source aka free program similar to photoshop. But the interface and usability isn't as great. :)


Tara R. said...