Laid back and ...

Just chillin'.

The highlight of my day?  Running to Sears to get weed whacker line - 2 different kinds.  Actually, I did that a couple of days ago, but had to go back, today, because I'd purchased the wrong items.  This time I actually checked the weed whacker ends for the proper type of line.

In the last 22 years or so, I've gone through several weed whackers.  Fortunately, I've always used Craftsman - and I've always used the kind with the interchangeable head.  As older whackers have died and gone to whacker heaven, they've left their heads behind.  So now I have several whackers heads and each of them use a different size and type of line.  I used to have one that actually used CHAIN, and I still have one that is actually a triangular metal cutting blade - for those REALLY tough weeds.  And small trees.

Anyway, I had to go to the rear of the house to clear away some foliage from the air conditioner and all the whacker heads were bare.  Kinda felt like the Mother Hubbard of the Tool Kingdom.

Anyway, the trip to Sears was fun - more eye candy than I've seen in a while, what with the very warm weather and all (heh, heh) - and I got to spend some time wandering through the Tool Department at the store.  Unfortunately, I can't really spend any money on tools right now - I've been trying to put all my tools in the toolchest, where they belong, and I'm finding more tools than I EVER thought I had.

Have a Happy and Safe memorial Day, tomorrow.  'K?



Tara R. said...

I would've never thought you'd be a head hunter...

Megryansmom said...

I kill weed whackers annually. I thought it was just me

Life with Kaishon said...

Weed Whacker heaven : )
Thank you for that visual!