In Concert

I'm just home from a concert - the Spring Concert of the Cardinal Chorus of North Central College.  It was #2 Son's first ever appearance on stage.  He was a member of the Bass Section, and he did wonderfully.

His career at college has been spotty, at best.  His GPA is well below what I KNOW he's capable of, yet, on many levels, I know my expectations are too high for him: just because he's scary smart doesn't mean it will translate into a performance that will give him grades.  Asperger's is a funny syndrome - it's hard to define and, essentially, not curable.  He will develop an understanding of much that "normal" people know through instinct, through intellectual processes.  All of which explains why I was so proud of what I saw and heard this evening.  He's been a member of chorus for just a few short weeks.  In that time he's learned songs in Hebrew, Spanish, Latin and English.  I watched him.  When he started chorus he was uncertain - unsure of what he was getting himself into.  What I saw this evening was a young man who KNEW his part - KNEW his songs - and never once 'didn't sing'.

It was a sample of what he's capable of.  A wonderful sample.



Grandmother said...

Bless his heart- and yours for honoring him!

Big Mark 243 said...

Ditto the Grandmother... and for not trying to force him... I read a blog about a college girl with Asperger's... I think... or it may be Autism... but her insights are pretty keen ...

Anywho, all you can really ask of anyone is that they willingly participate in life, and your son definitely fits that criteria... and by doing so, the future is unlimited for him..!