The nice thing about working where your friend is your boos - and both of you enjoy playing golf - is that it is possible, from time to time, to play 9 holes before showing up at the office.

Of course, it would be even MORE fun (and much nicer) if either or both of you got out to play more than 9 holes a week - because I promise you, if you can't play more than that, you're never going to get any better at the game.


We played this morning.  He played poorly.  I played worse.  Which is the way it usually happens.  So we're playing, right?  Now I've always said I can make anybody's game better - except my own.  I can't see me swing, so I don't really know just what it is I don't do right  But I CAN see others.  So I told him to make just the slightest little change in his setup and voila, he's smacking the ball like a pro.

You'd think he'd do the same for me.  Right?



Tara R. said...

i don't understand golf, so I couldn't help you with your swing either.

PattiKen said...

Ha, as if.

Big Mark 243 said...

It isn't that he doesn't want to or his competitiveness keeps him from critiquing you, but some people simply don't have the insight to be able to offer that kind of help to others...