A good tool is hard to find

Sometimes you need a tool, you know?  And sometimes those tools are pretty specialized, and because they are, they're hard to find.  And you'd expect that.

But an impact wrench?  Electric?  Half inch drive?  Should be a dime a dozen - and relatively cheap, at that.  There was one - ONE - at Home Depot and it was 180 bucks.  That isn't a cheap relative AT ALL.

I need an impact wrench to work on my scoot.  I need to chack the clutch operation and, essentially, the only way top take it apart is with an impact wrench.

They have 'em at Sears, but AIR driven wrenches, and I don't have an air compressor and tank.

I think I may have to explore eBay.  It'll mean waiting - it'll mean quieting my need for instant gratification - but then, I guess I'm used to that.



Tara R. said...

Don't forget to look at Craig's List too. We've been fairly successful finding good deals. More of a Buyer Beware than eBay, but if you're diligent, you should be okay.