Sunday in the Park, Photo365, Day 77

Today is the first rehearsal of the "Listen To Your Mother" show - Chicago Edition. I am so anxious to hear what others have written and are presenting for the show. My little story is going to pale by comparison to some, I'm sure - but it's an honest reminiscence of a time when I was small and my Mom was THE woman in the world that I loved. Wish me luck.

Everybody's been talking about the weather. It's been a rather interesting subject, lately. I think it's going to be even more interesting as we mosey along through the Spring and Summer. I'm willing to wager that this may well be the hottest Summer ever recorded. The only hope I hold is that somehow we get a freeze between now and the time that Spring actually starts. I have seen all kinds of bugs out and about already. Mosquitoes, even. If we don't get a freeze, soon, we are going to be dealing with a horrible bug season, because Winter has been too warm.

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day - and a rare one, for me. I actually went to bed last night sober. Oy.

Another shot from the canyon's edge.

I do want to go back, again.
Better camera now, you know?


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Tara R. said...

Good luck with rehearsals. I wish I were closer so I could attend the show.

I'm sure you all will WOW the audience.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

You did NOT pale. You held your own and made me smile.

Your mom will be so proud of you. :)