Monday Meanders, Photo365, Day 71

In spite of working at the office for half a day, yesterday, I did get out on my bike for a couple of quick miles after I got home. Again, however, it seemed as though the wind was in my face no matter which way I was going. But, nonetheless, it was fun, enjoyable and healthy.

The South Side Irish Parade in Chicago went off without a hitch, yesterday - after a two year absence. That absence was caused by cancellations of the parade; the City of Chicago would not issue permits for the parade because of the activities of drunken rowdies. So, parade organizers got smart. The parade went off at 11am. In Chicago, on Sunday, drinking establishments don't open until Noon.

At least they had a nice, sunny day for the parade.

The screen is in the outer front door - the glass that occupies that space during the Winter is down in the basement. It's not Official Spring - but close enough for hand grenades, I guess.

The afternoon sun

streaming through the venetian blind in the kitchen
gently falls on the refrigerator door.


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Nan Sheppard said...

I'm cycling in today... Hope it doesn't rain!

Anonymous said...

Juft fo you know, I DID fycle to work and now my fafe iv fwoven!

Need defrost setting...


Jientje said...

I love the light in this picture. It looks like Spring is finally arriving eh?

Big Mark 243 said...

It is weird how that wind works, isn't it? The same things happens do me when I ride too!

Indigo said...

The light contrast is so serene in this picture.

Sounds like the parade was an enjoyable one. Smart having it before the bars open. (Hugs)Indigo

loraine said...

My seedlings are just beginning to sprout, and I'm happy to see more of the sun lately. Glad you can enjoy it, too, though I hear it's colder up there.