Bookbub, Photo365, Day 70

I've just finished the first book I downloaded, for free, from Amazon - through my "bookbub.com" notification. It turned out to be a good book, full length, which I enjoyed immensely. It was "When Night Falls" by Cait London.

I have 11 downloads now. I have some reading to do. Up next? "Through a Dark Mist" by Marsha Canham.

It was a nice day, yesterday. Mother Nature seems to be getting her act together - weekends days (maybe) are getting to be as nice as the days during the week. 'Bout time. Speaking of time - time in THE SADDLE!!! YAY!! Although the headwinds are a bit stiff if you're going in the wrong direction (and somehow I always seem to be riding in the wrong direction).

Anyway, I went outside, camera in hand, and took a shot looking South, down the street.

Bucolic, ain't it?


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Jientje said...

It was a very nice day here in Belgium as well! We spent all afternoon outside and even had tea on our patio. It felt great!

Nan Sheppard said...

Mother Nature IS getting her act together... it was gorgeous here too. I've ridden to work a few days lately, but it wasn't much fun because I swear my fingers were going to drop off with cold. But tomorrow I think will be nice. Spring is springing!

And PS, I finally placed my order on Grannie's etsy shop :) Now that it's not going to be cold any more. Sigh! But at least I'm really organized in advance for next winter!

Tara R. said...

It's close to riding weather around me too. I'm looking forward to those quiet mornings in the saddle again. Happy trails!