Don't blame me, Photo365, Day 79

First of all, I have not put the snow blower away. Second, I have not filled the flat tire on the Lawn Tractor and gotten it ready for the season. Third, I have not turned on the Air Conditioning. So if this warm and pleasant weather does not last - it isn't my fault, don't blame me. I have done all in my power to perpetuate the current weather conditions. I can do no more.

Actually, I cannot not do more. (if you think about it, it makes sense.)

I have blue eyes. When I was a teenager, some of the girls I knew used to call me "Mr. Pretty Blue Eyes". I could never figure out if they were serious or teasing me. I had a terrible time with girls when I was a kid - much of it self inflicted, I think - now that I can see what happened from the perspective of time. Lots of time. Oh to have known then what I know now ....

Melisa, Producer

A picture of the other Producer tomorrow.
This one? Straight out of camera.


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loraine said...

I wish I understood if people meant what they were actually saying all the time. I know I mean what I say, but I get so SICK of the stereotype of "women never mean what they say," often perpetuated by women themselves. It goes back to the sexist notion that women are crafty and devious by nature. Gets under my skin. (Sorry, on a bit of a soap box these days.)

PattiKen said...

I've said "if I only knew then..." myself. But you know, now I'm glad I didn't. I miss that sense of discovery and excitement that comes from not knowing.