Once Upon a Time ...

"What's yers, Mac". The waiter waited patiently while the first guy in the lunchtime rush made up his mind.

"Ah ... I'll have a hamburger, Ollie. Oh, and a piece of that apple pie over there. Might be the last one for a while ..."

The waiter paused as he reached for the pie holder.
"Why? What's goin' on? Somethin' happenin' at the plant?"

"Layoffs. Half of second shift and 25% of days."

"That's not gonna be good fer business. The owner here been talkin' about cuttin' my hours as it is. Damn. Do you think they'll close?"

"I don' know. They shifted a lot of production up to Canada and down to Mexico. Rumor has it they're gonna shut this plant down in 6 months."

The waiter placed the pie in the counter next to his customer.
"What'll happen to this place if they shut down the plant? You guys are all we got. Without you guys in the plant, this place'll just dry up and blow away."



Jientje said...

The photo is perfect for the story, or is it the other way around?

Indigo said...

I felt like I was there in a moment in time...haunting. Your words soar. (Hugs)Indigo

Tara R. said...

A perfect story to go with this photo. More please!

Russ said...

You refer to this as a dinner. It looks more like a lounge car to me. Dinners usually don't have the partitions that this car has.
Also most dinners where built to look like a railcar, but where not really.