Annoyances, and Photo365, Day 31

Life is full of little annoyances.

If you're young, and you've recently had a child, the constant waking during the night in NOT an annoyance, but getting peed on because you forgot to cover the lawn sprinkler while you reached for a new diaper, IS.

Going to the store to buy all the stuff for a home cooked meal, including wine and a fancy desert, is not annoying, but getting home and realizing you forgot the Filet Medallions on the butcher's counter top, IS.

Watching television and putting up with all the commercials is not annoying, but that damn JCPenney commercial where everybody screams "No", IS.

I will never walk into another JCPenney store. Period.

Meanwhile, the photo below is a repeat of the photo from yesterday - but done the way I wanted to see it in the first place:

This farmstead, including the barn, was a museum owned and operated by the Manhattan Park District. The land has been sold. The barn and buildings are scheduled for demolition. Round barns are so rare, so unique, it's hard for me to think of this particular situation as "Progress".



Jientje said...

Those little annoyances made me smile! I raised a girl, so I never had to deal with the lawn sprinkler! ;-)

I like your photo better in color!

Indigo said...

My heart hurts to think they're going to tear down that barn. It's such an amazing historical relic...(Hugs)Indigo

Mags said...

Those ads are very annoying, but I'm excited at the prospect of them selling more US made stuff. There aren't many Penny's in this area though. So I sort of wish they'd stop advertising here!

PattiKen said...

There's a wonderful round barn built be Shakers near us in Massachusetts. The whole farm (which is a working farm, BTW) is a Shaker museum.

I like the color photo better.

maggie said...

Ah, yes, with the annoyances. Here at this time of year it usually involves having to do anything... without heat. Or go anywhere ... on your bike against the wind.

Also sad to see awesome old things go away. :(

Tara R. said...

It's sad that the barn couldn't have been re-purposed. A shame that a building with that history and charm is being destroyed.