An Unexpected Trip ...

... to the Hospital will certainly throw the best laid plans into a tiz. It seems LM (Love Muffin) had some very strong chest pains and some pain radiating down her left arm and numbness in her fingers. So, off to the E.R. we went.

As of this morning, she's still there - they'd decided to keep her overnight for observation.

All the stuff we had planned for this weekend is pretty much gone by the boards. But, that's okay, really. It's more important that I take care of my girl.

Ain't it?


p.s. There was no heart attack, as far as we know. Angina, yes. But not a heart attack.

Thank God.


Grandmother said...

Oh those scary heart symptoms. Tell her to do whatever they recommend in remedy so it doesn't progress. Hugs to you both and prayers for swift healing.

Rebecca said...

Sorry to hear this. I hope she feels better soon.

PattiKen said...

That was so scary, I know. I'm so glad it wasn't a heart attack. Poor LM.

I've had four "heart attacks" in my life: chest pain, hospital, tests, etc., released with "Nope, not a heart attack." You know, "women don't have heart attacks."

Turned out to be acid reflux, which I diagnosed myself. Testing confirmed it. Treatment, and voila! No more heart attacks.

Ask the docs about acid reflux. I'm telling you, if feels just like the pain you just described: chest pain, pain radiating down the left arm with a few numb fingers (never understood that one, but I'm guessing it had to do with nerve pathways) and into the jaw. Won't hurt to ask.

Big Mark 243 said...

I am glad that you went straight away to attend to your lady... I also appreciate that you shared this with us... and the most important thing is that you take care of the lady... that is what is include with the ring..!