Moday Meanders 12-12

Bears ... UGH!! BLACKHAWKS!! Yay. I may have to become a serious Hockey fan. Because those guys are good. Bears? Not so much.

It was quite the weekend - a Friday night visit to the E.R. on LM's (Love Muffin) behalf, an overnight admission to the Hospital, a Saturday spent in the Hospital with LM until 6P.M., and the rest of the weekend spent getting our bedroom ready for the delivery of a new bed (we wore out the old one) on Thursday. Oy.

Tonight I am going to take pictures of Grannie's latest creations for her Etsy Shop. Nice stuff. Easy pricing. Watch for the announcement on Facebook.

I'm fried. More tomorrow.



Grandmother said...

Do something nice for yourself, you deserve it.

Big Mark 243 said...

The Bears have caught some tough breaks this season. We will see about the Blackhawks... looking really good now but in hockey it is about the playoffs...

... wore out the last bed..? You cheeky monkey..! Hope the LM is doing well and you too, friend..!

Only two weeks left before the holidays... better catch your wind..!

Audubon Ron said...

Go Saints!!!