Wordy Wednesday - Perugia

It's been a dream of mine to visit Italy. Tuscany, where the light is so special it has inspired artists for centuries. The Italian Alps, because they're ALPS, after all. And Perugia, a town whose name came to note with an earthquake, not too long ago, and the trial and jailing of Amanda Knox. Perugia is an ancient town, and a place I think would be fascinating to visit.

But not from jail.

And she's out now. Freed because her conviction was overturned on appeal. Freed because assessment of the DNA evidence, in the cold, hard light of objective analysis, showed she and her boyfriend didn't belong to the evidence. Just that simple. In Italy, as in this country, reasonable doubt will set you free. A lack of tangible evidence of guilt will set you free.

And even though the idiocy of publicity seeker Nancy Grace will publicly wonder "did Amanda Knox get away with murder", she's home, she's free and she's declared innocent.

I have some advice for Nancy Grace (which, of course, she's free to ignore OR accept). Nancy!! Keep your mouth shut ... and wear pasties.



Shadow said...

lou, i'll be your luggage handler when you go, see!!!

is this a true story? funnily enough, i've been reading (fiction) a lot about 'injustices' in the justice system, and how easy it is to get off on 'technicalities', a smooth talking lawyer and the like. and then the world wonders why vigilantes make their appearance... makes it real difficult to decide between right and wrong some times.

Grandmother said...

I've been following the Amanda Knox case and agree with your assessment- the evidence, apart from the Prosecutor's inflammatory portrayal of her, proved someone else did it, not her. As for Italy, Tuscany is a must as are The Alps, and my friends tell me Perugia is a lovely area to visit. It's not far from Assisi, which is beautiful. Drop in and see me when you come this way.

Tara R. said...

While key elements of the cases are very different, I think people are so angry at the outcomes of the Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony trials because of the futility of not knowing what actually happened to the victims. Sadly, it seems that it is the murder victims who get lost in all the media hype.

PattiKen said...

Finding yourself on the wrong side of the law, especially undeservedly, has got to be terrifying. Amanda Knox is lucky it happened to her in a country where justice is still valued. There are parts of the world where people find themselves imprisoned for simply being ignorant of the culture.

Life with Kaishon said...

I hope you can visit one day!

Amy L. said...

Nancy Grace... she is a big farter. Clip of her being interviewed, she let a huge one rip and just kept talking. Not only does she need pasties, she could use a hefty and impermeable adult diaper.