The Muse fled.

I did have a post in mind for today. I was going to write a story for the 10th Daughter of Memory, especially since I've missed the last few challenges, but, as they say, life got in the way and the Muse fled the scene.

I still have a notion of what I want to do - what I want to write - but the presentation is what will make this piece. I think I want to try a voice reading of the piece, and perhaps even a video. It would be a static visual - just me reading the piece - but the camera would be off the computer and the microphone would be on a stand, so visually, it would be very like an old time radio broadcast.

Like I said. I'm mulling it over.


UPDATE: This post published late - it wasn't you - it was me. FAILED to hit "Publish".


Tara R. said...

The voice reading would be very cool. A unique presentation definitely.

PattiKen said...

Oh, Lou, do it! You have such a great reading style. It'd be a big hit.