Monday Meanders 10-17

BEARS!!! As I'm writing this, it's mid-third quarter. Ooooooo, Goody. BEARS!!!

Last Friday evening, Jennifer Hajer, Melisa Wells, Tracey Becker, Kristin Tierney and I had a long and relaxing evening at a nearby micro-brewing establishment. I really love these meetups. I can't believe I've missed a whole lifetime of listening to women get together and talk, especially when they more or less forget that I'm there. I'm just sayin'.

I helped Grannie set up an Etsy shop - right now she has a Variegated Scarf up and she has several hats in the works which ought to be up by the end of the week. Her shop is here. Click. Look.

Yes. I'm pimpin' Grannie.

This is Kristin wearing one of Grannie's hats - this a close knit. It's warm. It's 15 bucks. She also does a variegated open knit of this hat that's 'lighter'. And costs less. 10 bucks. She'll have them up in her shop soon.

I didn't get out for that bike ride I'd planned for Saturday. And no, I wasn't hung over. It was just a bit cold and just a bit windy. Actually, had it not been so windy it would have been perfect to ride - but the combination of strong winds and a chill in the air means, to me, anyway, best to err on the side of caution.

This weekend, maybe. Bike trip.



Grandmother said...

I like the hat, I'll watch for it. And I've always loved women's conversations when we just gather and gab. Glad you're getting a chance to listen in.

Lisa said...

Oh I'm so excited for Granny's shop. And, speaking from someone who has a hat by Granny, I can say that it's warm and wonderfully made. And I ALWAYS get compliments on it. Always.

Lisa said...

And also, I'm jealous that you got to hang out with Melissa-I wish we had more time when I was there...and I wish I could visit again sooN!

Kat said...

Ahhh, thanks! I always knew you were there, We just love you enough to let you in on all the privileged information - lol

Holly said...

An Etsy shop, great! So glad you got to meet up with some area bloggers. I know one time you went and no one showed. Say hi to Grannie for us.

Nan Sheppard said...

Oh wow Grannie, way to go!