Monday Meanders 10-3

Da BEARS!! 34-29 winners over Carolina in a shootout!! Well, actually, not a shootout so much as a slugfest between two fighters trading body blows - the Bears on the ground, Carolina through the air. The Bears defense finally figured out how to stop Cam Newton after three quarters of play -soon enough, as it turned out, to afford them a win.

Next up is Detroit (4-0) on Monday Night Football, a week from today. Dem Bears haven't fared well on Monday nights, in the past. Let's hope they do well in a week.

Ye Olde Homestead

There's a reason Fall is my favorite time of year around here. It's days that look like this one - where my sentinel trees (Chinese Maple on the left, and Maple on the right) are giving up the glorious green with which they've guarded my home for the summer and cloaking themselves, briefly, in the astounding golden hues they assume every Fall. A still, chill day such as this one is a day for remembering. Just remembering.

Our Aspergers boy, currently a junior in college, was home for this past weekend. As i was getting ready to drive him up to school, he ran into the house and came out with a couple of shoe boxes and his "good" clothes over his arm. I asked him what was up. He said, in typical fashion, "Nuthin'".

Methinks there may be a girl involved. :)

While we were riding back to campus (it's about 25 miles away) we talked - and he asked me what I would do if I won the lottery. Almost without thinking, I said I'd retire, first, and then I'd go back to school. I would major in Art History and minor in Photography. Or maybe Theater. He looked surprised. Which only goes to show that he STILL doesn't know me. But he knows a little more, now.



Big Mark 243 said...

I bet he was even more impressed with his accomplished father than he was already..!

I think that the Bears are going to have a bad next Monday night... and no, I am not sorry about either..!

Grandmother said...

Your heart was speaking. Sounds like a great combo of studies. How are you going to do it? Other than winning the lottery.

Nan Sheppard said...

Yeah, I think you should do it... at least start!

What, that handsome guy has a girl? :) Soon you'll be surrounded by lovely females!

PattiKen said...

I don't think they ever really know you. I certainly never really knew my parents. Now that it's too late, there are so many questions I wish I could ask them.

And yes, you should go for it with the art history and photography (and maybe theatre). There's always time for one class. And then another. And then...