Haiku Friday - R.I.P dmr

Haiku Friday

He was dmr
But for him, I'd have no job
There'd be no Linux.

He was dmr
he co-developed Unix.

Dennis M. Ritchie, while working at Bell Labs with Ken Thompson, developed Unix and the C programming language. 'dmr' is how he signed his code. His death was announced on the 12th. Every one of us working in computers today stand on the shoulders of this giant.

R.I.P. Dennis M. Ritchie

Ndinombethe. Pronounced en dee nome bay tay. "As I go, I am wearing you."


Big Mark 243 said...

My Info Systems raves about Linux... of course, I don't get it... but I do offer condolences for his loss..

Tara R. said...

Seems that the programmers and language developers are the hidden heroes. RIP dmr.

Kat said...

RIP indeed. Looking forward to meeting you tonight!