100 Word Challenge - Satisfied

What follows is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, authored by the slyly grinning Velvet Verbosity. The word this week is "Satisfied".

So? How do you feel?

What do you mean, 'How do I feel'?

Is there some part of that you don't understand? How. Do. You. Feel? You've won. You were right. I was wrong. How does that make you feel?

I don't think it makes me feel anything. I don't like right and wrong between us.

Oh, that's not fair. You certainly pursued your point when we were in the middle of all that. NOW you're taking the high road?

What do you want from me?

The truth.

The truth? Okay. The truth. I feel satisfied.

I knew it. Bastard!



The Drama mama said...

LOVE the smug ending!!

Tara R. said...

Sounds all too familiar. A good shin kick seems in order.

Carrie said...

LOL, a familiar conversation between any married couple!

Kat said...

Oooo, very familiar - last week in fact! lol

MISH said...

The truth is not always the best solution. Often backfires. But so do lies. Stalemate.
Loved the punch at the end.


Robin Hawke said...

A bully for truth...well done, Robin

Lance said...

Funny and poignant

Sarah said...

I love all dialogue moments! It's a familiar argument that I think we've all taken part in at least once in our life. Great entry!

Velvet Verbosity said...


barbara said...


"I knew it"