When I went into the Marine Corps, back there during the Cuban Missile Crisis, I had a Drill Instructor whose nickname was "Hoss". He got that name because if he wasn't calling you "Shitbird" or "Asswipe", he called you "Hoss".

He called everybody "Hoss". Including the Platoon Commander, who was a Lieutenant.

Hoss was a Sergeant.

Military rules and Courtesy declare that you always refer to an officer of superior rank as "Sir" - or by his rank.

It was never anything that Hoss seemed to be concerned about. One of his favorite sayings was "Don't sweat the small shit." He considered the trappings of rank "small shit". And no one ever seemed to want to do anything about it. They respected his ethic. They respected his work. They respected the loyalty he engendered in his men.

Hoss was full of country wisdom - and he had sayings for almost any situation. But two stand out in my memory:

If you were inattentive or distracted at a moment when you REALLY needed to be paying attention, you'd hear him yell, "HEY!! Wake up and pee, the world's on fire!!"

And his advice for staying alive was, "Keep your head down, keep your mouth shut, get your job done."

Essentially, his sayings boil down to paying attention and doing what you're supposed to do - which may or may not be what you WANT to do.

And so I offer to the members of Congress these sayings as advice and a command from me, one of the American People: HEY!!! FUCKTARDS!!! (because I really believe the language is necessary to get their attention) Wake up and PEE!!! The WORLD is ON FIRE!!! - If you haven't noticed.

Keep your dimwitted heads down (nose to the grindstone) - keep your irresponsible mouths shut (don't talk to the press)- and get your damn jobs done.

Wake up and pee, the world's on fire.

Keep your head down, keep your mouth shut, get your job done.



Big Mark 243 said...

Too bad that we don't have Generals running for President anymore. Gen. Powell would have made a fine President... I was ready to elect Wesley Clark back in the day...

When it comes to the current situation, I think the President never used his mandate to seize control of the discussion and the GOP backed by Faux News, has dominated the dialogue... even now, President Obama could put the Repugs in a pickle but he doesn't...

... Slick Willie would have made 'em cave in and slink back into the hidey-holes...

Nan Sheppard said...

Too many politicians are too concerned with what everyone else is doing to do their jobs.

Tara R. said...

Hoss sounds like a very wise man. Too bad there aren't many his caliber in Congress.

PattiKen said...

Politicians not talking to the press? nose to the grindstone? Oh, you are such a dreamer.

P.S. Ask me sometime about the Cuban Missile Crisis.

loraine said...

LOL Hoss (Dan Blocker), of Bonanza fame, was my great- uncle.

I'm avoiding talking about politics for the time being because it just pisses me off. I don't understand how the poor get blamed and the rich get paid and the majority population is just fine with that. Infuckingfuriating.