Monday Meanders 7-18

Cubs lost. 'Nuff said.

U.S. lost. Halfway through the first half, after so many shots on goal by the U.S. that just didn't go in, you began to get the feeling that Japan were destined to win. Not that it was anything you wanted to admit or give voice to, but deep down inside ... you knew. Well done, Nadeshiko Japan. And well done, U.S. Women. You played your best game ever.

And a solid well done to Darren Clarke, winner of "The Open". And Northern Ireland - the new home to World Golf Dominance. Northern Ireland has provided the winner to the last three majors.

All I am hearing about is layoffs. Cisco is laying off 10,000 workers, in order to survive. And yet, Corporate America - the biggies, if you will - are recording record profits. Why are they not re-investing in their companies and using the money to provide jobs? Why?

Google+ is taking off, slowly but surely. Of course, it's still in late beta - but it's cool and user feedback is making it even cooler.

What I would like to see is every CEO making a million bucks or more a year take a 10% pay cut and use the money to create two or more jobs. Just because they could if htey wanted to - just because it would be the right thing to do - just because THEY have to bite the bullet just like everyone else.



Big Mark 243 said...

The big boys taking pay cuts to help employ folks out of work... that is just not the nature of the beast.

I wonder how much more use I will have for Google+ as I don't have much use for Facebook... would be nice if Google+ made Facebook as irrelevant as Facebook did My Space... reduce it to a pet rock-like fad.

I was glad for Darren Clarke. A cat who is a grinder and professional who finally received his just do.

If the roles of the soccer game were reversed, we'd be talking about how plucky the US side was against their nemesis. In many ways, it was their 1980 Olympics... 'Do you believe in miracles?' moment, for sure...

Lisa said...

I was so confused about Google+ because a friend of mine was sending me stuff, like blog posts, and I didn't understand why. I haven't checked it out though. I fear that it would be yet another thing I'd have to be obsessed with!

I'll never understand why the rich don't help out more...never.

(hee hee hee-my verification word is "lickedi"