A Slightly Wordy Wednesday

I've been toying with the notion of introducing a 'feature' on an occasional Saturday called "Saturday 'say" - which is short for Saturday Essay - given that I'm working on the end of Sarah and it takes so much concentration I can't go back to "One Knight's Story" yet - not without losing focus on Sarah. I know. I've tried. So weekends, which used to be the venue for Sarah and Gwalchmei, are, for the meantime, up in the air and uncommitted. "Saturday 'say" will fill in - a little.

The ending of Sarah's book involves what is becoming almost a complete re-write from the opening of her part. The story of "The Kid", which is now the opening or prologue to Sarah's story, will remain essentially unchanged, and the re-write of Sarah will draw her story closer to the style of writing established in "The Kid"; something I seemed to drift away from as the book moved on from its beginnings. I like what I did with "The Kid". As I went back to the beginning of Sarah and re-read what I had written, I sadly realized that the 'rules' I had established in "The Kid" were not properly adhered to as the book progressed. So I'm doing much of it over. I'm NOT, however, changing the essence of the story or the sequence of events. It's just that I need to draw the story closer to the characters - get into their heads, if you will, like I did with "The Kid".

So the "Saturday 'say" will pop up from time to time as something like an "op-ed" piece; it could, and probably will be, about almost anything. It will be me - my opinion, my beliefs, my ideas - expressed as clearly and succinctly as I possibly can.
Whether or not my 'op-eds' will be of any use to anyone but me is, of course, to be decided.



Big Mark 243 said...

Look forward to reading your 'say'. Quite the process writing your Sarah, isn't it? Good tips on what it is like and I will look forward to experiencing the process on my own!

Grandmother said...

I'm in. Just a suggestion- how about providing a more regular response to comments here or via email? I'd like that as it seems like more of an interaction that way.