Monday Meanders 7-4

Cubs won. Beat the Sox, 3-1. In doing so, they avoided being swept by the Sox in their own house. BFD. There are no glimmers. There is no hope.

#3 Son and I went to see Blue Man Group, last night, at the Briar Street Theater. It was, as always, brilliantly done. It is the second time that he and I have attended live theater in the city, together. It's nice.

Today is our Country's birthday. It's rather hard to believe that the Bi-Centennial celebrations I remember so well were actually 35 years ago.

The rearview mirror of history has a tendency to distill the events of the past - compact and edit to efficiency - and in doing so, History fails to tell the whole story. If you read the story - all the many stories - about the birth of this Nation, you would be forgiven if you wondered how on earth it all happened. It was close - it could just as easily never happened at all. We're lucky.



Big Mark 243 said...

You are right about how close it was regarding the revolution. It would be as comparable to a major power trying to colonize a country in the Mideast and... er, maybe that would be a poor example.

The Blue Man group are amazing in person, if you were to ask me. Seen them just once in Vegas, but it was quite a once!!

Downtown Omaha is nice... this is a fine, fine town... have to get my thoughts together and do an essay about the holiday concert at Memorial Park. Good times, but for real!!

I think it is super cool that you and your son hang like you do. That is an enviable experience on so many levels.

Life with Kaishon said...

That was so perfectly written. Wow. Love that. We are blessed to have such a history.

Tara R. said...

You could have done without the 35-year post bicentennial comment, i remember that celebration well... back in the day.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Fourth celebration.

Megryansmom said...

My husband always says "you're only as good as your last game" That makes the Cubbies winners and the Sox, well....

Grandmother said...

I can't forget the bicentennial year since my daughter was born during it. As for our nation, we are lucky.

PattiKen said...

It seems to that over the course of my lifetime, there has always been some "issue" with this country about which we complain. But despite our national imperfections and any perceived flaws in our system, it has worked in the long run. Indeed, we are free to complain. We are incredibly lucky.

Happy Independence Day, my friend.