Looking for the slow boat to ..... wherever.

Gee whiz, I wish things would slow down JUST a BIT.

Brakes got fixed yesterday. Thank goodness my friend Mark has a mechanical bent. One thing down - several more things to go.

Of course, I've done some of this to myself. I didn't HAVE to start downloading OS X 10.7 (Lion) last night. Not when I owed a jpeg to someone and it was ON THE MAC!!! And I guess I should have known that just letting Luscious sit there doing the download was really going to get my goat. I don't like this Dell, much. But here I am again.

I had a trip to the Dentist yesterday, as well. The second appointment of a planned three. My mouth felt SOOOO weird. One side numb, one side not. And she stretched my lips like rubber bands. They felt all loose and flappy for hours. If I had stuck my head out the window while test driving the car after Mark fixed it, my lips would have beat me to death - or at least smeared up my glasses.

I love those big, warm, salted, soft Pretzels - with mustard on 'em. FYI

OS X takes a LONG time to download. It's almost 4Gig. Even at our high bandwidth Cable speeds, it still takes For-Frigging-Ever.

Happy Wednesday, y'all.



Jientje said...

What's OS X 10.7? What does it do?

Colleen - Mommy Always Wins said...

I think I saw a dog like that the other day with its head out the window. :)

Hope things slow down for you -- I know I personally overdo it then let life get *too* slow. Its hard to find that balance!

Lisa said...

The image of you hanging out of a car window with your lips blowing in the breeze cracked me UP!

Tara R. said...

Now you've made me all nervous about downloading Lion to our Macs. I know we need to upgrade, I just don't like waiting.

Big Mark 243 said...

Ditto Jiente... I wish that you could teach a class online so I can know more about what a computer does...