Tuesday - Where I'm From

I've seen this on several other sites and I've decided to adopt it, for this day, as my own.

Where I'm From

I'm from the puddle of sunlight that used to occupy our living room floor in the late 1940's. It was warm and used to put me to sleep - and I would cuddle with my Dad's dog, Bo.

I'm from Sonny, and Betty, whose husband would wake her by calling up the stairs, "Hey, Butch." And Rose, who was blinded by Diabetes, and Louis H., who fought in the Spanish American War and always smelled of mustard plasters. And Arthur, and Opal, both of whom died before I was born.

I'm from Epiphany Grade School and Sister Aloysia, who slapped me for pinching Lawrence Duckworth, but forgave her favorite Second Grader when I told her I loved her.

I'm from long summer days spent outside until Mom called me in and it always sounded like "Lou Ass" with her Iowa farm accent. I'm from friends like Bobby and Bronco and Joey next door, Valerie and Gloria who were older and taught me stuff.

I'm from Kedvale Avenue after the War, and Hamlin Avenue we moved to after Grandma died in 1959.

I'm from Catholic Schools and an unfortunate year in Public High School and an exit from there and into the Marine Corps.

I'm from MCRD San Diego and Okinawa and Japan and the Philippines and Viet Nam.

And I'm from Annie and three magnificent sons.

And, lately, I'm from all of you.

All in all, I'm from some pretty nice places, people, and things. The list, here, isn't complete - but it's enough to let you know how I started.



Grandmother said...

Hi, glad to know you. What a wonderful way to introduce yourself.

Bama Cheryl said...


Big Mark 243 said...

This was a very moving piece. I felt like I was looking through snapshots of each moment as it was being described... and the description matched what I saw...

Mags said...

I think this is my very favorite post of yours. (Of course, if I went back in the archives, I'm sure I've said that before!) I love it all but mostly the puddle of sunlight, long summer days and Lou Ass. LOL..that one makes me giggle.

Well done!

Nan Sheppard said...

I like this. It made me smile...

PattiKen said...

Very nice, Lou. You reminded me of one place I'm from: I'm from Sister Hubertine in the second grade who turned me over her knee and spanked me in front of the whole class for talking. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have forgiven me even if I had told her I loved her (never would have happened), but what can you expect of a nun named Sister Hubertine?

Tara R. said...

I've seen this essay before too, and I really like your version of it. I enjoy learning more about you. One day you'll have to tell us more about Valerie and Gloria.

Holly said...

Like it! It's been fun reading people's "I'm from" poems. Love "Lou Ass." Love the image of a little Lou curled up with a dog on the floor.