Monday Meanders 6-27

The Cubs ... oh, nevermind.

34 years and two days ago it was bright and sunny at 9 in the morning. The sun fairly streamed through the tall, narrow, stained glass windows behind and above the altar at St. Edmund's in Oak Park, Illinois. That's just about all I remember of that morning. If it wasn't for the fact that many pictures were taken, it might be kind of hard to prove to me that the whole wedding thing actually took place. It was all a blur.

We had our reception outdoors, at her parents home. I don't remember much of that blur, either. I just remember her.

Ken Burn's "The Civil War" is now available on DVD and/or downloadable from iTunes. The ONLY reason I mention it is because I think that "The Civil War" is a masterpiece and any parent ought to have this in the family library for their kids.

When I saw "The Civil War". I was stunned by what I saw - but more than that, I had a much clearer vision of the war and it's impact on history. I came away with two brand new facts - or at least, new understandings of what I already knew: That after the war, the 'media' referred to the United States in singular terms - The United States IS, as opposed to "The United States ARE". States' Rights began to be seen as subservient to the Federal; and, contrary to what I was taught as a child, the Civil War began, not as an effort to free the slaves, but over states' rights and to preserve the Union. 'Freeing the slaves' was a motive that entered into the war long after it started.

Last Friday evening, LM(Love Muffin) and I went to Zany's Comedy Club. It's been a long time since we had a 'Date night'. It was fun - and funny. It's something we've got to do again. Soon.

We received many "Happy Anniversary" wishes over the weekend. We thank you, one and all. Each and every one and all.



Big Mark 243 said...

I have never watched any of Ken Burns' doc's, though I have wanted to. The slaves issue came in, I think, when the North was in danger of losing the war and needed manpower... but it is late so my thoughts are less clear...

Do you know I remember my anniversary and what went down around my wedding? If my ex-wife was rational, we could relive the memories... but alas, Babylon, alas... it is not to be so...

Grandmother said...

Date nights are fun and important to do regularly. One of the things we do (me and my honey) is have an affair every once in a while- with each other. Do all the things you'd do if having an affair. It's very fun!

Holly said...

Ah sweet! Happy anniversary. Good for you for going out on a date.

HalfAsstic.com said...

I laughed out loud at your first sentence.
Happy Anniversary to you and Love Muffin!