Monday Meanders 6-5

I am about ready to give up on the Cubs. And I'm sorry, but I cannot be a Sox fan - in the sense of switching allegiance. I like the White Sox and wish them well - but I will always be a Cubs fan. I just can't watch anymore.

Maybe next year.

For our guests overseas, our dating is done Month-Day-Year, whereas many of you use Day-Month-Year. At least our Years are in the same place.

Yesterday, CBS news reported that Republicans think they have found a chink in the Obama Administration's armor - and a chance at the White House in the 2012 elections. The Economy. They think the Economy is how they will attack Obama. I wonder how short they think the memory of the American People is? Whose policies were in effect for the eight years just prior to President Obama's election? Whose policies handed President Obama a ruined economy and broken housing market? On whose watch was it that Trust failed and Credit died?

I hope they aren't that stupid. It doesn't say much for Politics and Politicians if, in fact, they are.

Those of you who read me regularly know I am fairly liberal. Politically and personally. I suppose, if I had to pick sides, I would have to call myself a Democrat. But in reality, I would prefer to see bi-partisan politics rather than the divisive kind of shenanigans that seem to dominate the political landscape in recent times. I don't think that either Party has it all right. Both Parties seem to have forgotten the reason they exist - that ultimately, they pursue office to serve the people. That's an attitude poorly supported in current times.

This coming Saturday I'm to play a round of Golf with the Kendall County Democrats. That's as overt as I get.

I wish one and all a pleasant week.

Oh. I had my crown replaced the first thing Saturday morning. (Tooth, people, TOOTH.) It's been fine ever since. Thank you for those who expressed concern.



Bama Cheryl said...

We've wondered that about people too -- that they don't remember the mess Obama inherited from the previous administration. Amazing, isn't it?

JeffScape said...

Cubs? Try being a Padres fan! GAH!

HalfAsstic.com said...

First: as far as not wanting to watch anymore Cubs games, I completely understand. The Dallas Mavs are in the playoffs with the Miami Pricklyheat right now, (like I need to explain that), and after the Mavs lost by TWO points last night, AT HOME, I don't know if my heart can take another game.
Second of all,I completely agree with you about the need for a more equally balanced government as far as the Democrat/Republican thing goes. I tend to be a... rather liberal Republican, if that makes any sense.
Thirdly, Hallelujah, you got your tooth fixed! Dental pain is among the worst pain there is. Why is that?
Forthly, my word verification word is "cometra". I know my last name is Lopez, but I no speakie the lingo... much. Doesn't cometra sound like it should be Spanish for comment? ;-)

Tara R. said...

Oh your poor Cubs.

PattiKen said...

Well, to you and Jeff, I say, hang in there. Look how long we waited for the Red Sox to stop breaking our hearts, year after year after year. When the streak is broken, my friends, the celebration is worth the wait.

As for politics and politicians... well, for the most part, I've pretty much lost respect for them. I once read that anyone who aspires to public office disqualifies him/herself simply by virtue of wanting it. I begin to wonder if there isn't some truth to that.

And, oh, I'm so relieved it's your tooth that was replaced. I rather liked your other crown. It provides just the right amount of bling, you know?