Monday Meanders 4-11

Cubs lost yesterday. Kerry Wood gave up a 2 run homer that was a game winner for Milwaukee. Bummer. These guys need a good win streak of 6 or 7 games.

Tiger made it interesting at the Masters yesterday. His poor third round cost him his chance at another Green Jacket - that and his inability to put down putts on the back nine of the fourth round. But tied for fourth is closer than he's been to just about anything in over a year. He's getting close. When his swing finally rounds itself into shape, he will be unbeatable. You heard it here, first.

The first tornado warnings in our area were up last night. I watched the radar until I went to bed. Whatever storms there were came through while I was sleeping. By 10PM the storms hadn't reached us yet and they were showing signs of weakening - so whatever storms there were came through while I was sleeping.

I was Tweeting quite a bit yesterday. Look for the hashtag #gcbm. It stands for the Greater Chicagoland Bloggers Meetup. I set up a new blog just for meeting announcements - it's here. Go. Look. Follow. Stay in touch with the happenings. Tweet that hashtag. Do Retweets. I'll be setting up a Facebook page as well. Help me get the word out. Please?

It's Monday, of course, and that means the start of yet another work week. 230 weeks until I retire. Just keep that positive thought in mind.



Nan Sheppard said...

I don't tweet. I gave it a try and then deleted my account because I just couldn't get excited about it. But I'll spread the word on facebook and blogger, and if I win the lottery I'll come along!

Shadow said...

yikes, you know how many weeks to retirement???? now, that's planning for ya... *grin*

Grandmother said...

My husband would know how many weeks, too. Scary thought! How about doing a blog post about how to be on Twitter? I tried but it escapes me so far. But if I can blog… And, you're good at explaining.

PattiKen said...

Gah. Don't talk to me about baseball. Remember when we thought you could dig your way to China? If the Red Sox dig themselves into any deeper a hole, they may be the first American league team to be based in Beijing.