Whyming Wednesday - cause pictures won't do ...

By Water Drowned and Swept Away

The Earth broke, a fracture deep
The sea rose, the land did sweep
Thousands died that terrible day
by water drowned and swept away

The world looked on, and horror felt
as power plants began to melt
as ancient places bubbled and died
the world looked on and the world cried

The Earth we love, a fragile place
green and blue and full of grace
cracked and broke and took them all
without a marker, without a pall

The world in anguish for those been lost
Prayer mats knelt on, the Signs Crossed
for thousands dead that terrible day
by water drowned and swept away.


My friend in Florida asked me why I don't write more poetry. That was weeks ago. It has stuck in my mind ever since.

I guess the answer is that I don't think in the abstract very well. The things I write, prose or poetry, are couched in simple terms, a true expression of a true emotion, plainly and simply put. I'm not sure that ever makes for truly good poetry.

I do write stuff in meter. And sometimes I write things in meter that rhyme. If that ever passes for 'poetry', then so be it. But I will never be a 'poet'. Good poetry makes you think - makes you consider what the poet really meant - what was on and in the mind of the person who penned the work. No one will EVER have to think about a rhyme I've written. Emotion, plainly and simply put.


Collette said...

Lou, it's beautiful. When I do write poetry, I write the same way. Very emotional & the point is well made. So, we'll never be known as great poets but we'll never be accused of being unfeeling.
Been awhile since I've been around. I am trying to spend more time around my blogging friends. Have a beautiful day, my friend!

Grandmother said...

My favorites: "as ancient places bubbled and died" made me see the event in a fresh way (which is what poetry does) and in "a fragile place…full of grace", I liked the repetition of the "f" sound. Thanks.

Tara R. said...

She was right, you should write more poetry. This was a poignant reminder of what we lost.

Indigo said...

Heartfelt. Grandmother gave the delicate points of beauty already in her comment. (Hugs)Indigo

PattiKen said...

Hooray! If my question inspired you to write more poetry, good on me. Protestations notwithstanding, you are a poet (this is proof of that pudding), even in prose.

If "poetry" must fall within a prescribed format or way of writing, then I'll never be able to do it either. But I believe that poetry is just as you describe, "emotion, plainly and simply put." If it's real, it's poetry, in my book.