It's about distractions

Normally, on Thursday I participate in the 100 Word challenge. I didn't last Thursday and apparently, I won't this Thursday (today) either. There's just too much on my mind and happening around me to be able to focus on anything not related to 'business', 'friends in Japan', and the 'needs and wants' of family.

That said? Happy Saint Patrick's Day. Be careful, safe and full of corned beef and cabbage today.



Miss Ash Tuesday said...

Mmm. Corned beef & cabbage. YUM!

Tara R. said...

Thanks for the reminder, I need to go to the grocery. MIss you at the Challenge. Happy Patty's Day.

Grandmother said...

Tragedy involving friends on the brink of bringing disaster to the world can have that effect on you. Happy St. Paddy's to you, too.

PattiKen said...

And the same to you, dear friend.