Monday Meanders 3-28

By the time this week is over, March will be history, #2 Son and Bitsy will have celebrated their FIFTH Anniversary, and with the demise of March, so goes the first quarter of 2011. Already. It all goes too quickly.

#2 Son and Bitsy have just returned from a vacation in Florida, which they won at an event over the Holidays. Now my boy wants to know why we all don't live in Florida - the same question I have been asking myself, lately.

They stayed their week in St. Petersburg. Their report includes mention of depressed Real Estate values, dolphins swimming offshore, multi-million dollars mansions lining the shore, cooling breezes, no rain and temps in the 80's.

Money. How nice it would be if none of us had to worry about money. How nice it would be if we COULD all move to and live in Florida.

Linda of The Random Memorandum had a party on Saturday. She's home from India for a visit. I was really disappointed that so few bloggers responded and/or attended. But then, I had her pretty much all to myself for a while - and #3 Son was there, as well. He enjoyed himself. Linda does a good party.

How far is it to Florida?



PattiKen said...

Not all that far...

And you know what, my friend? They actually have IT systems down here too. You have a transportable skill.

Grandmother said...

The depressed housing market in FL means it's a good time to buy homes there. You only live once!

PattiKen said...

Yeah! What she said. (You rock, Mary.)

Holly said...

Well, we had a fair amount of rain today. But yes, that area is nice. How cool to win a vacation! Congrats to them on five years. :)

Tara R. said...

Sounds like you've about got yourself talked into it.