Among the Trees

The place and people we stayed with
in Florida, were right next door
to the marvelous Banyan tree seen here.

It felt homey and comfortable
standing under the tree
in the early morning, looking up into her branches
as the Sun began to fill her with light.

Not to be outdone
Cedar trees shelter secret places
of their own, to offer respite
and solitude to the traveler who can find them.



Nan Sheppard said...

It's nearly tree-hugging weather...

Grandmother said...

Trees are wise elders with much to teach us if we listen.

Tara R. said...

These Banyans looks like the perfect place for treehouse. Yet another reason to move south.

PattiKen said...

Just came back from walking right by those trees. As I passed, the whispered, "Hey, seen Lou?"

Indigo said...

I find myself at home among the trees. There is something spiritual in the sharing. (Hugs)Indigo