Monday Meanders 2-28

Yesterday was opening day of the Cactus League schedule for The Cubs. NOT an auspicious beginning. But. It was heavenly to be able to listen to a Cubs game, on the radio, as we closed in on Chicago from the South, after a long two days of driving.

Driving? From the South? Glad you asked.

LM (Love Muffin) and I were returning from a heavenly week in Florida, spent with PattiKen and husband, Bill. More about that, and pictures, as the week goes on. What I will say right now though, is that Patti and Bill are two of the kindest, most gracious people I've met, and Annie and I will always be grateful to them for the lovely week they showed us.

Tiger Woods has a big ... boat. It's cool. I've seen it - from a distance.

South Florida is GREAT this time of year. *80* and sunny almost every day. Chicago? Not so much.

Driving back from Florida was fine - the first day. The second day, we woke to clouds and blowing drizzle in Manchester, TN, and the farther north we drove the worse the weather got. Ultimately, a thunderstorm in northern Tennessee and into Kentucky mad driving rather dicey. But, we made it.

It's back to work and weather. At least I have some recent memories to run to when the weather gets bad.



Jientje said...

I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Stay warm!

Tara R. said...

Glad you had such a lovely visit. You know, you and LM would make the move south more permanent... we'd love to have you here.

PattiKen said...

"Aw, shucks," she says, blushing. No, honest. I've been known to blush now and then. Honest.

The newspaper this morning carried a story about officials closing a beach in Palm Beach County yesterday because of sharks two yards off the beach. Maybe they miss you too.

Employee No. 3699 said...

I'm sure you'll prefer Chicago to Palm Beach in August.