Don't you just love it when ....

when your favorite movie of all time (more than 3 hours long) plays and plays and plays and you suddenly realize how tired you are and it's probably WAY too late to begin the next episode of Sarah?

Yeah. Me, too.

"The Lord of the Rings". And I caught it just as it started. It is SO worth watching.

Tomorrow? A double episode. To make up for today.

Oh. One more thing. On Monday, I will be posting at You Won't Go Blind, a site devoted to Sex, Lifestyles, Relationships, Choices and other 'interpersonal' stuff. It will be called "Lou: On Relationships".



Big Mark 243 said...

I am so there, dude!!

I am definitely going to follow you at the other site as well. Take care.

Nan Sheppard said...

Best movie ever! We've been reading 'The Hobbit' AGAIN in anticipation of the prequel. Excitement!