Monday Meanders 1-17

Bears WIN!! The NFC Championship game will be Sunday - in Chicago. The winner goes to the SuperBowl. BUT. Sunday's opponent will be the hated Green Bay Packers - the team the Bears couldn't beat when they played each other in the last game of the season. Worried.

Grannie is progressing nicely. She will be home soon. She's actually taking STAIRS in the rehab process. Soon.

Saturday, the photo group I belong to made a trip to the Mississippi River to photograph eagles as they fished in the river. It was cold. It was fun. I had to leave early because of computer issues - but while I was there, I learned something about my camera. And digital photography. To wit: When shooting with a slow lens (f5.6 for example), cranking up the ISO does not necessarily take the place of having a faster lens. I found that my Canon 30D starts to acquire 'noise' when shooting above ISO 400. The higher above that number, the noisier the result. I did, however, do a little post-processing and rescued a couple of shots I like - these shots appear as they did when they came out of the camera:

An eagle crosses line of sight

This bridge lies off to the North of I80
near to the 31 mile marker in Illinois.

Wednesday I will post the processed photos.

And from now on, I will try to keep my ISO at 400 or less.



Shadow said...

i love the cold snowy desolate feel of your pictures here!

Tara R. said...

I need to check out that tip. How wonderful that you got to photograph these majestic birds.

Kim - Mommycosm said...

So...I think I'll cheer for your team on Sunday because MY team decided not to show up and let the classless Jets get the better of them. *ahem*

Yay for Grannie's progress. Hope she is home soon :)

PattiKen said...

That's really good news about Grannie. ;-)