Here we go again.

It is such a pain when 'life' gets in the way of the things I like and want to do. Lately, it seems, things seem to have been getting in the way of Sarah episodes with a fair measure of regularity.

Yesterday was one of those days. Things have gone a bit wacky with one of the systems we depend on at the office and the process of figuring out what's gone wrong has been unending. Tedious. And, so far, unsuccessful. It doesn't make for the kind of environment one needs to write. As long as it remains unresolved - it remains on my mind.

It's just the way I am - the way I work. Unfortunately, it means that Sarah takes a day off, today.



Shadow said...

i understand. i'm similar in that way. need to sort it out, before i can let the mind relax...

Life with Kaishon said...

I hope the issue at your office gets resolved soon. I can feel the stress in your words. With love, Becky