Monday Meanders 1-10

The Bears did NOT lose yesterday. Of course, they didn't play. They'll play Seattle this coming weekend. Fingers crossed.

Grannie improves. She's much more energetic now that they've figured out that whole nausea thing. I had never heard of Schatzki's Ring. Amazing, the things that can go wrong with us humans.

I finally got to play with one of my Christmas presents. I have waited for SO long for Gran Turismo V to come out for the PlayStation 3. It's over a year late. And I didn't want to sit down and play it until I could savor it - you know - really take some time and get into it. Understand, although my sons are all game aficionados, I am not. I don't play Madden's Football, or Halo, or World of Warcraft. None of that stuff. I have Tiger Woods' Golf and Gran Turismo V and that's it. And I gotta tell ya - GTV is tits. Absolutely. (In my world, given that I am SO partial to Mammary Glands, anything that's 'tits' is top drawer, the cat's meow, and the be all to end all.)

This cold weather is getting to me. It's not doing my car any favors either. I hope it stops soon.

There have been some inquiries about our itinerary when we go to Florida. All I know is we're going to West Palm Beach - and so far we're scheduled to go the week of Feb 21. That's a Monday. That may change - we don't know what's gonna happen with Grannie and several other things that could impact our trip. Of course, if it does impact our trip, we're hoping all it does is push it into March - which is another month, in Chicago, during which Florida usually looks REAL Good.

I hope one and all has a nice week.



quilly said...

I know I usually just read and rarely comment, but you said: This cold weather is getting to me. It's not doing my car any favors either. I hope it stops soon. And I find myself wondering why you want your car to stop?

Shadow said...

glad to hear grannie is making such wonderful progress.

i'm not a game fiend either, but one game i loooove, is rumble racing. not new anymore, but still my favourite. what's better than racing down streets and flying through the air, doing tricks with your car?!?!?!?!

and i hope the cold breaks for you. our winter also seemed endless. i remember wishing it would stop too...

Nan Sheppard said...

Sean and the boys dismantled the computer hard drive, vacuumed it out (The Dell that was in Chicklands, you may have noticed it, it was a favourite spiderly place of abode. It's been down for some time.) and rebirthed it. Then they reinstalled Sega Rally Racer and had mad races at TOP VOLUME! All yesterday afternoon. It seemed to make them forget the winter drizzle, too!

Tara R. said...

Hope you get to take off soon for your Florida vacation. It's good to hear that Grannie is improving and feeling better.

Joyce-Anne said...

Glad to hera Grannie is back on the road to recovery.

Big Mark 243 said...

Where to begin..?

So glad that your Mom is doing well. That is a great relief to be sure.

I am still playing EA Sports NCAA Football '06... when I got the '07 version, I found it wanting and ever since have found no reason to upgrade to a PS3!

There is something mentioned here that I would prolly elaborate on in my own journal... *wink*!