Monday Meanders 12-27

The first of the One-Two Holiday Punch is behind us - and retailers are crying in their beer because Mother Nature took a hand at making things a bit dicey on the East Coast and kept everyone there home for Boxing Day. All they need do is hold their horses, exercise a bit of patience, and soon enough the sale-anxious shoppers will be turned loose on their various and sundry establishments.

I've just read an interesting Science Fiction book called "Zoe's Tale" by John Scalzi. The interesting bit about this book is that it's a parallel story to the last in a sextet of books, written by Scalzi, that started with "Old Man's War" and ended (so far) with "The Last Colony". I've not read any of that series, but I'm certain now I shall.

We had such a nice Christmas - and it was so nice to find so many wishes expressed by so many people for our Holdiay. We thank you - one and all.

I have some iTune money to spend. I have already purchased a couple of albums and am looking forward to searching, diligently, through iTunes for more music I like. I found "Windward Away" by singer/songwriter Archie Fisher and "Right of Passage" by David Francey. Both play acoustic guitar and both have low tenor voices that sing a good sea song. I really kinda like "Under the Portland Weather" by David Francey a lot.

Recent snows and cold weather here in Chicagoland have made travel a bit chancy from time to time through the Holidays. But it's back to work for me now, so the weather is going to warm quite a bit in the next few days - it will get close to 50 degrees Fahrenheit on Thursday. That will save me salting the driveway. YAY. What this is, is the January thaw come early. I predict an early Spring and wet. With a long cool summer. You read it here first.

Tomorrow I will publish one last shot of the Christmas Tree. Complete with train.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Let's all have a Happy New Year, 'K?



Emily/Randomability said...

Merry Christmas, Lou!

Way to go, BEARS!!

I still call them albums too. ;) If you like African type music (Or even just something different), I'd recommend Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Loraine said...

Holidays were better than expected. Weather actually doesn't suck- and shouldn't until Wednesday where I am. So glad you had a wonderful holiday, and thanks for just being around. Your friendship is comforting.

Joyce-Anne said...

Merry Christmas Lou! Now that Christmas is over, I'm ready to hybernate for the winter.

Big Mark 243 said...

'Portland Under The Weather' strikes me in the same way as 'London After Midnight'. So I will give your guy a listen...

Yep, Mother Nature sure told us who was boss. Still, I don't think this storms 'refudiates' any claim on global warming, though. If anything, it confirm what is going on for me.

PattiKen said...

Just peeking out from a ton of snow. Had enough melt yesterday to see that some snow plow has taken out the mailbox with a vengeance. Dead for sure. Arrgh.

Glad you had a good Christmas, Lou. That's as it should be.

Mrs4444 said...

Glad you had a nice, low-key Christmas. Have fun picking your music :)