Haiku Friday - Tarot - AND Tarot Reading

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Haiku Friday

Reading the Tarot,
has its pitfalls and its traps,
not always good news.

The future can shift
It is not firm and static
It is in your hands.

The reader can look,
offer interpretation,
cannot guarantee.

Belief is a choice,
skepticism is also,
- with a grain of salt.

The Reading

The Spread is the Celtic Cross.
The client is represented by the Queen of Wands.
The ten cards in order - and their place meaning
1 - atmosphere and influences - 3 of wands - reversed
2 - in opposition - The High Priestess
3 - the basis, the past - 5 of wands - reversed
4 - recent influences - 8 of wands
5 - possible future - Judgment
6 - near future - 2 of wands - reversed
7 - fears - Death
8 - opinions surrounding - The Chariot - reversed
9 - hopes - Wheel of Fortune
10 - final outcome - 4 of cups - reversed

The many Wands in the reading are an indicator of stability - and its importance to the person being read for. The two most important cards in this spread are Death, in the 7th position, and the reversed 4 of cups in the 10th.

Death symbolizes change - and in this case, a fear that things will remain as they are. But the final outcome points to a change coming - a young man with hazel eyes and light colored hair, who will appear after a time of trial and tribulation - that trial and tribulation indicated by the Reversed 2 of Wands in the 6th position. There is the possibility of a new relationship when all is said and done. This possibility is further supported by the Judgement card in the 5th position - in fact, it would seem to indicate that the change is possibly quite soon in coming.

I have put the cards in their positions for you. You may develop your own interpretations of this spread if it is your wish. I am going to email the person for whom this reading was done. She will be the only one who knows for whom it was done.



Maggie said...

Whew! Glad it's not me. :) Want things to keep rockin' just as they are.

Nan Sheppard said...

Hey! How are you? I've had a cold :( And please sign this petition, it's really important!

Love for all of us!

CaraBee said...

Knew it wasn't me right off, because I'm the Queen of Cups. Muah.

So interesting. I would love to find out how accurately this predicts her future!

PattiKen said...

I've only had the cards read for me once. The woman doing the reading told me that someone whose name began with R was going to take me to California. I lived in Massachusetts, had just become a single mother with no job,was poor as a church mouse, and the chances of anyone ever taking me to California were slim to none. Five years later, someone whose name started with R took me to California.

Creepy as hell.