Haiku Friday - Autumn

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Haiku Friday


Eight year old boys and
Cool Saturdays playing at
Grand games of football.

Leaves cover driveways.
Raked to piles, they burn, smolder
and smell like childhood.

Day sun warms the face
Night comes chilly and with frost
comes early, stays long.

School and books, study,
Warm tea and hot chocolate,
thick socks and cider.

But a promise of
Sterner weather yet to come
lies in its crispness.



Big Mark 243 said...

Raked to piles, they burn, smolder and smell like childhood...

That is Americana. For real.

Grandmother said...

Sweet memories...

Indigo said...

Like Mark, favorite line of all. This is the embodiment of Autumn sweet friend. You captured it perfectly. (Hugs)Indigo

Maggie said...

Yay, autumn!

PattiKen said...

I love this, Lou. These are exactly the things I love about this season, except maybe for the sterner weather promise.

I'm very late, but I've linked in.