Monday Meanders 9-20

While my mind wanders ....

I wear trifocals. I know. That came completely from left field. Did you know that the expression "coming from left field" or "came from left field" actually started because there was once an asylum where Wrigley Field's Left Field now stands?

Grannie is getting better and stronger. Again, thanks to all of you who have wished her well.

Cubs won today. That's six in a row. So now the question becomes, given that the Cubs are 17 and 7 since Sweet Lou retired - where was this kind of play BEFORE he retired?

The Bears won today. A shocker against Dallas. I had predicted a 10 and 6 season for them this year. The Bears, that is. There are those who thought me to be perhaps a bit optimistic. Only 8 more wins to go.

I keep hoping that things will slow down and I can get back to the routine I had established that allowed me to visit all those blogs I normally visit. Missing them is driving me crazy. A little. Well, a lot.



Jientje said...

I had never heard of trifocals before.

Avitable said...

Can you see 3D movies with trifocals?

Audubon Ron said...

I didn't get to watch any games, I was digging ditches around the pond. I guess Dallas is one step further from playing the Superbowl at their own stadium.

~L said...

hello Lou,
I miss you too and I think about you living with your trifocals in my favorite city. Glad Grannie is better and I hope you are taking good care of yourself.

Bears game...wonderful win without questionable calls...BEAR DOWN! Non-Lou Cubs...refreshing and typical for our lovable losers.
Blogging...my favorite sport :)

peace and patience for you,

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Dear Lou,
Happy extremely late birthday. I am a horrible blogging friend. I hope it was a good one.

I know what you mean about getting back into routines. It seems my routine as of late is to run around like crazy.

Much love,

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Huh, I didn't know that about Wrigley Field! Interesting.

I'm SO glad to hear Grannie is getting stronger.

Loraine said...

Glad to hear she's stronger! Less stress for you, too.
Thanks for visiting my blog! I feel privileged that you made the time. :)

Grandmother said...

Speaking of bears (and out of left field), I went to a bear sanctuary today in the dramatically beautiful Majella mountains.

PattiKen said...

One of the joys of this blogging adventure is learning new things every day. Today's lesson didn't come from out of left field, it came from you. Well, OK, unless... You're not standing in left field, are you?

Nicole said...

Glad to hear that Grannie is getting better!
Hugs and all the Best to you all!

Maggie said...

Left field, really? Wow. I had no idea. Very cool. Also, yes, very glad to hear that Grannie is getting better. I have not been commenting, but I have been keeping her in my thoughts.