A little optimistic ...

I thought I had it figured for this weekend - that I would have Sarah ready to go on BOTH days - but, in fact, I guess I was just a bit optimistic.

The really painful part of this is that I want to get this book DONE!! Days off because I am busy and distracted are understandable, and I think you for your understanding, but those days off don't get it done.

I may have to rethink how I'm doing this.

I'll let you know - not that I'll stop - no that's not it - I have to get more done and quicker.



Nan Sheppard said...

Ndinombethe, Lou! Don't worry, we aren't going ANYWHERE.

PattiKen said...

Because I have no patience, NONE, I haven't read any of Sarah's saga. (But you knew that.) So here I am, waiting for you to finish so I can read it start to finish without ever having to say, Doh!" because I'm out of words but not out of story. I may have to learn patience after all, huh?