100 Word Challenge - Blanket

What follows is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, usually authored by "Velvet Verbosity", but currently hosted by me. The Word this week is "Blanket".


Come kiss me, my love,
and lay here next to me.

Come hold me, my love,
and join me, in my world.

For when you are here, my love,
This wooly, scratchy, blanket is my universe.

Come touch me, my love,
and let us count the stars.

Come, let us mingle, my love,
and blow kisses at the moon.

For when you are here, my love,
This wooly, scratchy, blanket is my universe.

And when it's time to sleep, my love,
the breath of each other to breathe,
We'll pull the universe round us, love,
to each other we'll cleave.

Update:For those of you who saw it earlier ... I was not happy with the last line - I felt it needed to come close to a rhyme. Not exact. But close. So I changed it. It feels better to me, now.

FURTHER UPDATE: Notice that now the "Velvet Verbosity" in the opening paragraph is now a LINK!!! She's slowly coming back to life. Or at least, there's now a "VV" to link to.



Nevine said...

Lou... that was magnificent! And I love the title.


Jientje said...


PattiKen said...

Oh, so much love. You can tell LM that I think she is one lucky woman!

Tara R. said...

That was beautiful Lou! So tender and filled with love.

(Yay for VV!)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Very romantic, Lou...

Teresa O said...

Simply loverly. *sigh*

Jennifer said...

I agree, *sigh*

Coal Miner's Granddaughter said...

Beautiful, my dear!

lisaschaos said...

Life is indeed a wooly, scratchy blanket! lol