Wordy Wednesday - sorta

Actually, it's a re-post of yesterday's post. Because I'm really, seriously, intent on promoting this raffle (or whatever it's supposed to be called) for Piper. Because she's so very special.

This post is devoted to, dedicated to, a friend. She's a single Mom. Two GREAT boys. Her car burned up. She ain't got a lot of money. She needs some help.

So. If you click on this kink link, it will take you to Adam Avitable's site and he will explain it all.

The premise is simple, really. Sweet Piper has had a whole bunch of bad stuff fall her way, recently. You can go to her site and dig back through her archives (and you don't have to go far back AT ALL) and you can see the stuff that has befallen this sweet, loving woman and mother.



Michael said...

The link crashed my computer here at work, probably cos I am watching the England match on the net. I will go to her site at home

Big Mark 243 said...

Not that I want anyone to rig the raffle... but I did get my ticket!! Here is hoping that Piper is the big winner!!

Anonymous said...

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