100 Word Challenge - Bustier

What follows is in response to the 100 Word Challenge, usually authored by "Velvet Verbosity", but currently hosted by me. The Word this week is "Bustier".

Now. This is not 'bustier' as in "Jenny is bustier than Golda". No. This is 'bustier' as in "Black Satin Bustier".

Portrait by Lautrec

"Non! Non! Il est impossible! I cannot paint you!!"
"Why, Monsieur Lautrec? What is wrong?"
"I am sorry, Madame. I cannot. I just cannot. The brush will not paint you."
"But why, Toulouse? Why not?"
"It is your breasts, Madame."
"My breasts?" She instinctively covered herself.
"Oui. They have no form, no shape, no présence. They just HANG there."
"Well, I never!!"
"Précisément!! You NEVER!! You wear the girdle. Here! Put this on."
"What is this?"
"A bustier, Madam. Put it on."
And then, just a few moments later ...
"Ahhhh, Madame. Magnifique!! Now. Now I can paint!!"

This part is a re-post of day before yesterday's post. Because I'm really, seriously, intent on promoting this raffle (or whatever it's supposed to be called) for Piper. Because she's so very special.

This post is devoted to, dedicated to, a friend. She's a single Mom. Two GREAT boys. Her car burned up. She ain't got a lot of money. She needs some help.

So. If you click on this kink link, it will take you to Adam Avitable's site and he will explain it all.

The premise is simple, really. Sweet Piper has had a whole bunch of bad stuff fall her way, recently. You can go to her site and dig back through her archives (and you don't have to go far back AT ALL) and you can see the stuff that has befallen this sweet, loving woman and mother.



Grandmother said...
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Grandmother said...

Nothing wrong with what Nan calls "hangy down" breasts. But, I guess for artistic inspiration, the bustier is better!

Audubon Ron said...

For the record, I for one don't mind hanging breasts.

Nevine said...

You've always got something fun, and sometimes a bit naughty, to share, Lou! That was cute... little bits and pieces of French, and all!


PattiKen said...

That Toulouse! He sure knows the way to a woman's heart.

Big Mark 243 said...

The only realm that 'hanging' breasts are looked upon poorly is in the imagination. If she were standing in front of me with droop breasts ... she wouldn't be the only thing standing!!

Tara R. said...

Monsieur Lautrec should wear the bustier....non?

Great minds, great artistes...

Anonymous said...

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Teresa O said...

Oooo-la-la...saucy fun in the artist's studio! What a fun read.

MojoMama said...

I love the French you added in! Very lovely!

It's awesome for you to have helped out while VV is out for a while!